Well, we’re nearly in the month of September – and therefore SPRING here in the Southern Hemisphere (insert big YAH! here), and the birthstone for September is The Sapphire! So September is PURPLESAPPHIRE month! Keep your eyes open for special quick-fire specials and product specials.

Before September kicks in though, I’d love to introduce you to the new suppliers who are joining me in my passion. You’ve seen the MARTYGIRL introduction on the Home Page for a while so here’s some more for you to check out:

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Now if you really love Lavender like I do… you are just going to LOVE a new supplier I’m in discussion with – but I can’t say anything just yet. Also if you know of anyone I should be talking to, please don’t hesitate to let me know – I’m loving the search and meeting all these amazing entrepreneurs creating beautiful products here in GodZone!!

Did you know:
Not only is the Sapphire known for its powers including spiritual enlightenment and inner peace, but also Sapphire is believed to offer healing properties for rheumatism, colic, and mental illness. It is also considered an antidepressant and an aid to psychokinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance and astral projection.