Did you know:
That the Sapphire is a stone of protection and prophetic wisdom, a wondrous crystal that can watch over human destiny. It is believed to promote joy, faith, hope and protection during long journeys. It brings light and peace and opens the mind toward beauty and intuitive understanding. Sapphire stones are thought to be able to maintain the hope needed in order that our deepest desires and dreams will be fulfilled one day.

3401407Sapphires comes in many shades of blue, yellow, purple, green and black! They are also one of the four most precious stones in the world alongside diamond, emerald and ruby.
So aside from their stunning beauty, sparkle and differing colours – they work their magic on your inner most feelings. No wonder I love Sapphires!

What Purplesapphire means to me: That it represents high quality, transparency, integrity, stunning beauty and simplicity. All of which I wish to achieve with Purplesapphire.com!