Granite Pillar – Medium


Made of natural plant and New Zealand bees wax, the sparkling crystalline structure of the wax creates a unique paper-like shell as the candles burn. Our Granite Pillars are long-burning, soot-free and lavishly fragranced. And they don’t melt in the sun!

To create an attractive hollowed candle, set the memory of the candle the first time by burning long enough so that the burnt diameter is approximately 2mms from the edge of the candle. From then on the candle will burn down at the diameter that you just created and a lovely shell will emerge each time you burn your candle.

For best results, burn no longer than 3 to 4 hours at a time. Always ensure your wick is trimmed to 2 mm before lighting – the flame should have the shape of a teardrop. Trim if it becomes bigger otherwise it is only the wick burning and not the wax.

Medium: 95x70mm: 50 hrs

Available in:
Small: 65x70mm: 30 hrs
Large: 155x70mm: 100 hrs

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