B.O.N.K. (Barts Original Nut Kracker)


Ever since it was first discovered people have been going bonkers (nuts) trying to successfully crack the Macadamia nut, the toughest nut in the world!

Some of the troubles that have been caused in the maddening crusade for the delectable kernel are: cracks and holes in concrete paths; smashed fingers and thumbs; a belting from Dad for breaking his woodwork vice and windows broken by flying husks. It was even reported that a divorce started when some bloke, infuriated in his vain attempts at getting the succulent nucleus out in one bit, belted too hard with the hammer and broke the antique dining room table clean in half!

Use B.O.N.K. for cracking any type of nut (except coconuts, they’re a bit hard to fit in). It also makes a good grape and garlic press and mini vice, (it’s nice to have a little vice every now and then).

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