Thoughts from the Divine Stone

Updates & New Additions

Welcome Welcome...   come on in and familiarise yourself with the NEW  and IMPROVED Purplesapphire site!   So what do you think?  As you can see there have been lots of goings on behind the scenes and sadly a bit of nasty business as well.  So...  but with every...

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Updates, Facebook Competition Winners and More

So now I've made it public (see front page) - I am adding Numerology and Angel Readings to the Shop together with gift vouchers for these services. If you're not already done it, please LIKE the page on Facebook and keep your eyes open for...

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September – Purplesapphire Month!

Well, we're nearly in the month of September - and therefore SPRING here in the Southern Hemisphere (insert big YAH! here), and the birthstone for September is The Sapphire! So September is PURPLESAPPHIRE month! Keep your eyes open for special quick-fire specials and...

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