Wow!  Winter has certainly kicked in early this year…  Amazing how summer was here and without any warning it’s cold, wet & windy!  Crazy things are happening here at PS Headquarters – the Maestro is currently away on tour with The Pink Floyd Experience, so it’s just me and the pet-kids and as always happens while Mr Stratman is away, there have been ideas flying around in my creative subconscious, just dying to come out.  So here’s hoping I can actually take those ideas out of the planning stage and get some of them on here!

In the meantime, what do you think of the new website?  Fresh and gorgeous isn’t it?  Phew…  it’s been a drama though I tell you.  But we’re here and all go now, so get stuck in and have a good look around – it’s amazing!

So Winter, what does that bring to mind….   warm baths, candles, mulled wine and roaring fires.  Those with winter birthdays (like me!) don’t get to have summer BBQ’s but we can enjoy hot roasts and steaming vegetables…mmmm   When thinking of your winter birthday people you’ll find something for everyone here so snuggle in your PJ’s with a warm drink, and have a good through and see what we can tempt you with 🙂

Take care & stay warm


Something to think about:

Your attitudes and beliefs are formed largely subconsciously through you observations, experiences and other influences throughout your life.  You can choose to transform any belief or attitude that is not working for you